I am an information designer and I love to make things clear

Why clarity is key for you

I believe that well-informed people make better decisions. That’s why I create visualizations to help organizations communi- cate with their audiences.

How I reduce complexity

I sort out facts and figures, put them into meaningful context, and create a visual concept. I tie these together in a visual representation that tells a clear and attractive story to your clients.

Your strategic design partner

Challenge me with your complex questions. I am at my best when we work as partners, on a strategic level. If you are just looking for a quick design fix, I’m afraid I'm not your type.

How I got where I am today

I bring fifteen years of experience in founding and running an info- graphic studio and its 12-headed team, serving clients ranging from universities to corporate multinationals. As an independent design partner, I now work on strategic projects with flexible teams, creating custom solutions for my clients. And when I’m not working, I love to drive a vintage sports car.